bond default risk

Bond Risks & Volatility: Not All Bonds Are All Equally Soothing

Not all bonds are equal for soothing the beast. To achieve the best investing results in the real world, we[…]

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Portfolio Building With Some Bonds For The Beast

Successful investing isn’t just about “the math”. Equities have the best long-term returns and tax treatment. There are some strong[…]

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investor behavior

Investor Behavior: Your Inner Hulk Investor

Bonds historically fluctuate in value less (are less volatile) than equities. They also produce interest income which is highly taxed.[…]

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starting practice

Business Planning To Start & Build Your Medical Practice

This is the third post in a series to help new attending physicians get started off on the right financial[…]

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physician insurance

New Attending Personal Finance Checklist

Getting off to a strong financial start as a newly minted attending physician has¬†disproportionately large impacts longer term. In the[…]

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New Attending Physician Choices With Big Financial Impacts

The early lifecycle of a physician is rather caterpillar-like. Out of thousands of butterfly-wannabes, very few undergraduate eggs actually hatch[…]

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corporation investing

Investing Through A Professional Corporation

  In my last post, I reviewed¬†how a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC), such as a professional corporation, can be[…]

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professional corporation account

How Money You Earn Flows Through Your Corporation To Your Pocket

In this post, I describe how the money that we earn can optimally flow to maximize our investment growth and[…]

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Optimizing RESP Withdrawals

July 20, 2018 LD Editorial Note: There is much written about RESP contribution, but less about withdrawal. With the next[…]

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physician DIY investing

She Changed Up Her MD Backpack With A Financial Mentor

Loonie Doctor Editorial:¬† Last week I suggested that Canadian physicians should consider lightening the fee load in their investment backpacks.[…]

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