The Loonie Doctor – What’s in the name?


When I finally decided to take my leap into the blogosphere, I agonized over what to call this site. It needed to be clever, catchy, and describe what this is all about. This was a struggle for me as I have never been particularly hip or trendy (just ask my wife and kids) and here I am starting a blog.

I always thought my dad to be corny and now I’ve come up with the “Loonie Doctor” in his typical corny style. I think it is genetic. My poor “lit” and “OP” kids (apparently “cool” isn’t cool anymore) have no idea that this is likely their destiny too.

Fortunately, my dad was also financially wise and a patient teacher with his son and I hope that my kids get that too. I didn’t come to fully appreciate that until watching how financially illiterate many people are and seeing how it traps them. I hope to be the “Breaker of Chains” – my wife has already laid claim to “Mother of Dragons”.

This is a blog about managing your finances

We will explore the nature of money and how you can control it to facilitate your goals rather than have you be a slave to money. The key to that is working towards and achieving financial independence (FI).

There are already a number of great blogs on the topic, such as Mr. Money Mustache. His badassiness principles are universal, but this blog will focus on the Canadian context with all of its glorious taxation system and the social net that it provides. Hence, the reference to our shiny one dollar coin. We have a one dollar coin rather than a paper bill because it is cheaper and more durable – this describes me nicely.

Hopefully, like a doctor, I can help you with your loonies. Like in medicine, knowledge and action with proactive prevention is key.

I am a doctor

I think that I have one of the best “jobs” in the world. I have also invested literally decades of actual blood, sweat, and tears into becoming good at it.

Being a doctor also attracts a certain type of person – the yearning for “learning, earning [not just money], and returning” is a core part of my being. I think that this can be said about pretty much any professional like lawyers, dentists, engineers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. These groups of people also tend to make more money. All of these aspects of being a professional makes FI and retiring early (RE) feel a bit different to me.

I am a doctor and write from that perspective, but this blog is aimed at all professionals/business people who share similar blessings and struggles. There are already some great US blogs on FIRE aimed at professionals, such as White Coat Investor and Physician on FIRE. Again, the Canadian context has some nuances and I hope this site will be complimentary to their work.

Some of the differences are our different healthcare system and different taxation/social systems. Another aspect more recently has been the political environment which I will mention in my first post about why I am doing this – A Blog of Ice and FIRE.

I may seem a little loonie

I tend to march to my own drum and you will probably see that following my blog. When I see problems in life, I look for pragmatic solutions and they may not always be the most orthodox. Our modern culture has helped us build many of the traps that lead to financial stress and unhappiness – being counter-cultural often makes sense. It is probably partly why eccentric people tend to be more happy. It is also waaayyy more fun!

I am not a trained financial advisor nor an investment guru, but I don’t need to be, and neither do you to work towards FI and the freedom it can provide. I am also not a pious financial monk – I sin – I sin alot. Mr. Money Mustache would likely give me frequent punches in the face.

Everyone’s journey towards FI while having a fulfilling life will be different. I will share what I have learned on that journey so far and fully expect and hope to learn from you on yours through interaction on this blog.

The advice and information on this blog is free – hopefully it is worth more than you paid for it!

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