Physician Empowerment LIVE: June 3-5

After two years of living in scrubs at the hospital and track pants at home, I am really excited about getting into some dressier clothes and getting out to speak with Canadian physicians about personal finance and wellness IN PERSON!!! Join me, plus a panel of Canadian physicians with a wide range of expertise in aspects of physician finance and well-being. We will be at Physician Empowerment LIVE 2022 on June 3-5th in Toronto. If you can’t make it in person, then there is also a Live-stream option.

If you use the promo code SOTH100 at the check-out, you will get $100 off and $100 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Take control. Turn thought into action.

One of the good things that has come out of the pandemic is that it has caused physicians to reflect on their work and their home life. Many docs have faced the facts that we are neither immortal nor financially immune right up close and personal. Reflection is great to reset priorities and make sure that the financial aspect of our lives and careers are aligned with our values. However, we must also turn that into action. The founders of share my passion and mission to empower physicians to do just that. They have taken action by pulling together like-minded Canadian physicians for this conference.

Receive actionable information at this event for whatever stage you are at. The topics range from mindset through to the deeper dives about investing -whether in equity markets or real estate. Presented by experts – who are colleagues – not salespeople. Below are the topics. Omitted from that list are my favourite sessions (Networking Cocktails & Group Dinner/Reception).

Speakers & Topics:

DR. YATIN CHADHA (Beyond MD Podcast):

    • Finance and Beyond: Arrival Fallacy & Focusing on what we can Control

DR. MAMTA GAUTAM (PEAK MD – “The Doctor’s Doctor”):

    • The Power of Resilience

DR. PAUL HEALEY (Physician Financial Independence Canada)

    • Five Years of Peeking Backstage: What I’ve Learned About Physicians and Their Finances

DR. WING LIM (Physician Empowerment)

    • Developing a Wealth Mentality
    • Roadmap to Financial Freedom

DR. KEVIN MAILO (Physician Empowerment)

    • “Why?” Is the Most Important Question You Need to Be Asking About Your Finances
    • The Transformative Power of Real Estate

DR. DIMITRE RANEV (The Primary Medicine Podcast)

    • Lessons Learned After Over a Decade of Being Invested in the Stock Market

DR. MARK SOTH (The Loonie Doctor)

    • Building A Diversified Portfolio That Is Fee, Tax, and Time-Efficient
    • Investing Foundations for Financial Freedom Instead of Fancy Feast

DR. VU KIET TRAN (How’s My Financial Health, Doc? Podcast)

    • Link Between Financial Literacy & Burnout
    • No More Pension Envy


    • Mitigate MD Burnout with a Solid Financial Foundation

In case you can’t tell, I am totally stoked about this! Secure your spot now.

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