Why Use an Asset Allocation ETF to Invest (Video)

Asset allocation exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an excellent option for DIY investing. They provide an all-in-one investment solution for instant diversification and automatic rebalancing for risk management. All that for a low management fee, and either low or no cost to buy and sell. Sound too good to be true? Learn about the evidence behind these products and some of the potential pros and cons compared to other approaches. Click the image below to go straight to the video. It is time-stamped with different sections. Or click a section of particular interest in the overview to jump straight there.

Video Episode Overview


2:36What is Asset Allocation?

8:01Why use an ETF instead of picking stocks?

12:22Mutual Funds vs ETFs

17:43What is an All-in-1 Asset Allocation ETF?

21:06What is Rebalancing?

25:07The evidence for Behavioral Advantages

31:35Potential Disadvantages of Asset Allocation ETFs

36:42Vanguard, Blackrock, BMO, Horizon

39:22How do I know my Stock:Bond allocation?

43:42Roboadvisor vs DIY Investing with AAETFs

47:01Index Fund vs ETF

Loonie Doctor Asset Allocation ETF Articles

Choosing An Asset Allocation Appropriate For Your Risk Level

asset allocation etf

This is a primer that is part of my Interactive Guide for DIY Investing. It goes through the steps for DIY investing and choosing an asset allocation is one of the most important ones. You can opt to do the quick Vanguard Questionnaire or a more comprehensive assessment.

All-In-One Asset Allocation ETFs


This article summarizes many of the points from today’s video. It is part of my DIY Investor Basic Training section. What makes AAETFs great and what are some of the potential drawbacks? How do they fit with your objectives?

Comparison of All-In-One ETFs

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The most in-depth head-to-head comparison of the most commonly used asset allocation ETFs in Canada. Their size, fees, and composition. There are even tax calculators to compare their fees and tax drag within a TFSA, RRSP, personal taxable, or corporate account. Plus, a deep dive into the Horizon corporate class ETF offering.

Start DIY Investing. Step-by-Step. With Pictures.

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