Open the Toronto Stock Exchange & Cheer Me On

I have the chance to participate in something very cool. And so do you. On February 8th, 2024, there will be DIY ETF investors gathered to open the Toronto Stock Exchange. Colloquially termed ringing the bell. Although, it looks more like a big green button on a gameshow to me.

It is part of ETF Investor Day 2024 and this event is hosted by ETF Market Insights and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Not only do you get to participate in this live event, but after the ringing of the bell, there will be an educational agenda. I will be a part of that. Even my teenagers acknowledge that this is pretty cool. Come join us. Use the big blue button below to register.

Expert Market & ETF Commentary

You will hear from some experts on ETF investing. There will be a macroeconomic update. Followed by a deep dive into index investing and why it is a great way to invest. Then, it is time for the ETF Smackdown. Well, technically it is called the ETF Spotlight. But, there is going to be a winner and I will be ready to rumble.

There’s going to be a rumble. Come cheer me on!

I will be part of a panel of 5 financial experts plus 1 Loonie Doctor. We will each give a brief spiel about an ETF that we think is worth looking at for 2024. I couldn’t pick an asset allocation ETF, but I have another great ETF in mind. Find out which one and cheer me on. The audience picks The ETF Spotlight Winner!

Registration space is limited. So don’t delay. It’s gonna be cool.

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