The Money Scope Ep 6 Cases: This Investment Is Hot!

In the main episode, we covered different instruments used for investing. Underpinned by key concepts like future expected returns, asset pricing, and efficient markets.

We applied those key investing concepts to common investment strategies. Like specialization vs diversification, speculation, and active vs passive management.

In this case conference, we further unpack how we see that commonly play out in real-life dilemmas and questions.

Case 1: An incorporated professional concerned about “the upcoming recession”.

Case 2: Retiring physician wants to switch to low-cost index funds.

Case 3: The hot investment idea.

“The stock market is a forward-looking pricing machine. It incorporates expectations about the future into prices today. Market prices respond to new information if that information is different from prior expectations. That point is really important.”


“Nothing attracts eyeballs like potential disasters.”


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