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Linking Education & Tools to Action & Mentorship

There are all sorts of information about financial planning and investing on this blog and others. However, most people considering a move into DIY investing can find that overwhelming. They also get stuck on some of the decisions and practical tasks. So, I created this DIY investors hub to pull together the education and tools to make your plan and help you to take control.

To help you plan and act, I built an interactive guide to closely link learning, decisions, and implementation. With screenshots, slideshows, and explanations of how to do it. Plus, optional advanced stuff for those looking to take it to the next level.

The information here is extrapolatable to any platform. However, I used Qtrade Direct InvestingTM (not to be confused with Questrade). I use screenshots of how to do things on Qtrade’s site (for clarity) and direct links to Qtrade’s pages/forms (for convenience). That is because I use Qtrade personally, and I understand it well. You should use whatever works best for you.

Recently, I also partnered with Qtrade. That means that if you use a Qtrade Loonie Doctor affiliate link anywhere on my site to open your accounts, then you support The Loonie Doctor with a small referral fee (at no cost to you) and get access Qtrade’s best promos (not always public). This relationship also helps me to better mentor those who still get stuck despite the information on this site and Qtrade’s site.

I am not a financial advisor (I don’t give specific investing advice), nor Qtrade customer support (you work directly with Qtrade). However, I have always tried to help people who are making their own decisions and implementing their DIY plan. I am better able to provide mentorship via emails and over Zoom when it is on a platform that I know well. My main limiter is time, and I hope that this page will help people efficiently.

DIY Investor Basic Training

The What How & Why of DIY
DIY Savings vs Advisor Value-Add
All-in-One Asset Allocation ETFs
Comparison of All-in-One ETFs
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Qtrade Partnership with The Loonie Doctor

qtrade review

DIY Investing Decision & Process Maps

Step-by-Step Interactive Guide to Start DIY Investing

canadian portfolio manager

Giving Bankers a Box of Tissues Instead of Your Money

Breaking Up with Bank Mutual Funds
Norbert’s Gambit for $CAD:$USD
norbert's gambit