Essential Skills: Earning, Spending, Giving

Value Your Time Using Your TiMER

time money exchange rate

We exchange a mix of our time, effort, skill, comfort, and security to make money. Time is the common denominator.

We spend money to buy other people’s time, effort, skill, comfort, and security for the products and services they provide us.

What is your Time Money Exchange Rate (TiMER)? Calculate it and learn how to use it to make more rationale earning and spending decisions.

Scheduled Release: Sept 30, 2022

Why You Can’t Out-Earn A Spending Problem

spending problem

Professionals often have opportunities to work more to pay for more.

Beware. It could be a trap.

Learn why you can’t out-earn a spending problem.

Scheduled Release: Oct 7, 2022

Avoiding A Lip-Skid On The Hedonic Treadmill

spending problem

Learn about how we adapt to and increase our spending.

Use that knowledge to develop strategies to maximize happiness and control the speed of the hedonic treadmill.

Avoid a painful lip-skid.

Scheduled Release: Oct 14, 2022

Income & Happiness: A Double-Edged Sword

money happiness

Increasing income helps increase happiness to a point and then it may decrease. There is research to back that up. It is a double-edged sword.

There are also clues embedded in that research to help you learn how to use your income to maximal happiness advantage. And avoid cutting off your own appendages.

Scheduled Release: Oct 21, 2022

Spending for Happiness: Find The Best Deals!

money happiness

Is happiness and life satisfaction is your goal?

Learn how you can spend your time and money for the maximal return on the investment.

Even better, find synergistic ways to do so.

Find the best deals for buying happiness. Without coupons.

Scheduled Release: Oct 28, 2022

Give Your Capital To Receive Happiness

charity wellness

Philanthropy or pro-social spending is a skill we must master to maximize our happiness and life satisfaction. There are many ways to give, but some are more effective and rewarding than others.

Learn how to give effectively. Both to maximize your impact, and life satisfaction. You don’t gain much satisfaction when you are dead. So, don’t save your giving for your estate. Make it a part of your life.

Scheduled Release: Nov 4, 2022

Mental Accounting: Be A Financial Vulcan To Live Long & Prosper

personal finance errors

As humans, we compartmentalize to be able to handle all of the information and tasks the world throws at us. That can lead to mental accounting and illogical financial mistakes.

Learn to recognize these common financial mistakes and tips to prevent them. Be a financial Vulcan.