Build Your Financial Immune System For Optimal Wellness

Financial Health To Balance Your Career & Help Prevent Burn-Out

prevent work burn-out

A healthy career and life has balance. Physician burn-out is mulit-factorial. However, good financial health is a powerful tool for physicians to combat it.

Use your financial knowledge and strength to control and improve how your practice.

A strong financial position empowers you to expand your influence at work, home, and in your community.

The Importance of Physicians Teaching Physicians About Their Financial Health

The realities of a career in medicine are often hard for those outside of it to truly understand. Altruism is core value of our profession, making the topics of incentive and finance culturally taboo. However, being leaders, managers, and innovators are parts of the physician role. Money is one of the muscles that empowers us to fill them.

This has been a gap in medical education, and all voids seek to be filled. There are plenty of people looking to fill that void. They have their own incentives that may or may not align with ours. Hence, we need physicians to fill that void for each other.

Build Your Financial Team. Lead it.

To build your financial team, you must know who the players are. Their skills. Their potential biases.

Your are the common link and must lead them. Ensure that you are delegating tasks rather than abdicating responsibility for your finances. Ultimately, you will be responsible for the outcome and bear the consequences.

A Financial Plan To Build Financial Immunity

No one is immune to financial shocks. Even physicians. Build a financial plan to strengthen your financial immune system.

Learn the basic components that you need to consider to make a financial plan. Come back to this framework as you move through the rest of the financial curriculum.