How Is The Loonie Doctor Different?

How does this make The Loonie Doctor different?

I started this personal finance blog for Canadian physicians and high-income professionals in 2017. The internet is riddled with personal finance sites & FIRE blogs. Why did I feel something else needed saying?

There is a lot written about “financial hacks”. I focus on the big stuff, not the fringes.

How to save a few bucks here and there with credit card hacks or couponing. Usually accompanied by a link to some points card. Saving some money on the fringes is great. Particularly in the lean training years. However, one of the best things about earning a high income is not counting pennies. You can buy the nice produce at the grocery store. Just don’t blow thousands or hundreds of thousands on fees & taxes that you don’t need to. Don’t overspend on big ticket items that are expensive to maintain and don’t improve your life in the long run.

Personal finance is personal. No money-shaming for earning and spending.

For some, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a depreciating vehicle may be a good investment. It has been for us. Buying as much house as you can afford seems to be the Canadian way. It was one of our biggest financial mistakes. There will be no judgement here for being a big spender. You are a big earner. My goal is to make you reflect and spend deliberately to realize your goals. For most professionals, our goal isn’t to be retire and be idle. We’d go nuts. The money-shaming blog is down the hall on the left.

High-income professionals also get pitched complex products and solutions.

General personal finance sites usually say “don’t bother”. That is the correct answer for the vast majority of the population. However, there may be some uses for high-income professionals. Boutique approaches and products may be useful, they make us feel special and sophisticated, but there are also usually effective alternatives.

Much of the information out there is either an introduction followed by “contact us for a consult” or scary so that you say “I need a consult”. Many of us get caught in between. We know enough to get started on a good path, but are paralyzed searching for the “perfect” one and fear we are missing something. So, I also write about these complex topics in full detail. I try to make them less scary. That can help you ask the right questions of your accountant or advisor. It may allow for a less one-sided conversation (sales pitch) and more fulsome discussion when these topics and products come up.