Investing Basics

If you are looking for a foundational education about investing linked to tools and guidance to start DIY investing, I have created a DIY Investing Hub. Click the picture below to enter The Hub.

Below that on this current page is a basic curriculum under development.

DIY investor course

Investing: Why Take The Gamble?

investing risk

Investing involves risk and reward. So does gambling.

Learn the difference to ensure that you invest for rather than gamble your future.

Investing may not be as exciting as gambling, but it is more fun than losing.

Don’t Turn Your Investing Into Gambling

investing risk tolerance

What could be a good investment may turn out to be more of a gamble if you are not careful.

Time-frame is critical to investing.

There are several potential pitfalls that could turn a good investment into a speculative gamble and derail your investing success.

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Why Bother Taking Any Risk Investing?

Can You Retire Without Investing? Maybe. It is risky.

Investing Risk Capacity & Risk Tolerance

What You Can Invest In

Diversification vs Specialization

Active Management vs Passive Index Investing

Accounts Types Where You Can Put Your Investments

Simple vs Complex: Balancing Optimization & Operationalization