Money, Wealth, & Financial Independence

Holistic Wealth: Money, Personal Capital, The Economy & Society

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Most people think that financial literacy is about money. However, money is just a tool. A convenient medium of exchange. Learn how money works with your human capital and financial capital to build holistic wealth within the context of our economy and society. Understanding this helps you to allocate your resources to become truly wealthy.

Deploying Personal Capital To Build Holistic Wealth

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Becoming truly wealthy means building more than just your net worth.

Deploy your human and financial capital to build holistic wealth.

Time is our most finite resource. Learn to be deliberate in how you spend it. The earlier you start being deliberate, the more your returns compound.

The Pillars of Financial Independence & Retire Early

Financial independence Retire Early (FIRE) has been around longer than it had a cool name. The retire early part often rings hollow for professionals. We have invested so much into our careers, that they are a core part of our being.

The pillars of FIRE can help professionals build a platform for a fulfilling life without retiring early.

The Flavours of Financial Independence

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Learn about the different flavors of financial independence retire early (FIRE). They each have their own benefits and potential drawbacks. Consider how they could fit with your values and goals.

Determine which suits your palate now. Remember that your tastes may change in the future.

Generational Wealth: Deniers, Ditchers, & Adapters

Contrary to popular belief, most wealthy people are not born into wealthy families. Most rich people acquire their wealth over their lifetime. That move up the socioeconomic hierarchy can be a major shift from the culture that we were born into.

Those of us who are accruing what could become generational wealth may encounter new and unanticipated problems. Will you become a denier, ditcher, or adapter?

Adapt To Build Family Wealth That Lasts

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Building a family wealth legacy that lasts requires healthy adaption. Both for you, and your family, to steward the financial and holistic wealth that you are building.

An adaptor selects the core values and skills from their financial origins that they want to retain. While also developing and integrating new ones from the culture of their new financial status. They also foster those skills and values in the next generation to transfer along with the financial wealth.