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Enter the Dragon, 1973, Bruce Lee

There are many styles of financial Kung Fu.

I grew up watching classic foreign Kung Fu movies where schools would constantly be fighting with each other to prove “My Monkey Kung Fu is more powerful than your Slinking Tiger Style”. Blogging is different and even though we may approach things slightly differently or have a different emphasis, personal finance blogs are complimentary.

I have listed the finance blogs that I know that are particularly relevant to Canadians and Canadian physicians, dentists, lawyers and other high-income professionals or business owners.

Canadian Physician Finance Blogs By Physicians

There are now several of us that I know of:

Stoger, “Heroes Among Heroes”
  • Financially Free MD – FFMD is a Canadian physician married to a Canadian physician who, together, have achieved financial independence in their mid-thirties. There are some excellent articles about the basics of personal finance, investing, and incorporation. I could totally financially geek out with this guy.
  • Dr. FIREfly – A Canadian resident writing about basic financial literacy with a FIRE slant. The perspective from a resident is a welcomed addition to what I am trying to do here.
  • Big Family Small World – An emerg doc who used his financial independence to take a hiatus from medicine and travel with family for a year. Now returning to Canada and medicine, but some great reflection on life, medicine, and FIRE.
  • Loonie Doctor – That’s me. You can read about me here. Master of Drunken Monkey Kung Fu. Well, the drunken monkey part anyway.

Canadian Physician Finance Facebook Pages

  • Physician Financial Independence (Canada) is huge (>5600 members) group of Canadian physicians discussing finance on Facebook. It is a closed group for Canadian doctors and dentists only – you need a valid license to join. The discussion is active about both basic practical issues (like how to buy an ETF) and higher level financial topics. There are some very knowledgeable people commenting – I have learned a few things already!

Canadian Physician Finance Blogs or Resources By Industry

  • MD Billing. This is a billing software company for Ontario and BC. They have an excellent new doctor billing guide. It is about more than just billing. Clearly written steps for getting licensed and started as well as some finance basics.
  • Medical Post – Finance Section.  You need to register (free) to log in to this one, but there are frequent articles written specifically about physician relevant issues. Most are written by members of the financial industry. However, they also post some articles by physicians.
  • MD Management Blog. Part of the MD Management website. Some general articles. Very often end with recommending that you talk to your MD advisor.

American Physician Finance Blogs By Physicians

There is a well established US physician blogging community.

  • White Coat Investor -probably the Bruce Lee of physician finance Kung Fu. He has been around for years, writing a book, made a course, and has a successful blog business. It is physician focused with tonnes of great material in the American context. Much of that translates here except our practice/job environment and our tax environment in Canada is very different.
  • Physician on FIRE –  would be more like the Jackie Chan of physician finance Kung Fu. A bit newer on the scene, pretty funny and entertaining, but also very skilled. His focus is financial independence in addition to physician-specific issues in the US context.
  • Wall Street Physician – a reformed Wall Street worker who is now a doctor. His blog is investing focused, but has good general finance articles also. I have no idea how he is able to put out articles so frequently and of excellent quality. #envy
  • Crispy Doc – employs a British secret service mixed martial art. He is actually more like an American Austin Powers helping physicians get their mojo back – both financially and in life.
  • Xrayvsn – A finance blogger radiologist – and no bigger shocker, a very visually appealing site. A rapidly growing repository of good posts. Plus, a live feed of physician finance posts on his Hospital page! A brilliant way to quickly scan the latest articles from 66+ blogs.
  • Dr. Cory Fawcett – A surgeon who has repurposed himself to teaching docs about personal finance. He has some great books. It is the U.S. context, but excellent general principles about finance and career.

This is in no way a comprehensive blogroll. Just the sites that I check out regularly. Physician on FIRE has the largest physician finance blogroll that I have come across. Crispy Doc also has another great blogroll of physician finance bloggers – complete with some narrative and obviously a good sense of humor.

Canadian Finance Blogs With A High Income/Networth Focus

  • The Blunt Bean Counter is written by accountant Mark Goodfield. He often writes about tax issues faced by CCPC and high income or net worth families. His posts are not only detailed and useful, but also insightful. He’s pretty entertaining. Ya know… for an accountant [that was a joke – just to clarify for any accountant readers…]

Canadian ETF Investing Blogs

  • Canadian Couch Potato. A great source of general and detailed information about ETF investing. My only beef is that I was schooled in Canada in 1980/90s and still spell potato with an “e” on the end.
  • Canadian Portfolio Manager  by Justin Bender. A good source for info about getting started in ETF investing. He even has model portfolios and pays attention to how to allocate amongst differently taxed ETF and account types.

Canadian General Finance Blogs

There are actually quite a few. Most provide great general content, but I do have a few favorites:

  • Greater Fool written by Garth Turner. I have read this blog daily for about 10 years and have to give Garth credit (or blame) for a good chunk of my financial education. His blog is real estate focused, but has great pearls about general finance, investing, and life. Plus we have seem to have a compatible sense of humor.
  • Boomer & Echo written by Robb Engen and his mom Marie Engen. A great general personal finance blog. High-income earners may have some “1st world problems”, but we still face the same general personal finance issues that everyone else does. This blog has frequent concise actionable advice type posts in the Canadian context.
  • Michael James on Money.  An excellent general Canadian finance blog. A say general, but Michael James does a nice critical analysis of much of the information out there. Often thinks about it critically and outside the box – which I love.
  • Rockstar Finance There are literally thousands of finance blogs out there. Rockstar Finance is a curator that scans them and re-posts the best and most unique articles. It is not professional focused or Canadian, but is a great general resource.

This Blogroll of Canadian Personal Finance Blogs is by no means complete. Or even close to complete.

There are many great blogs out there in the Canadian tundra. I have tried to flag some of the ones that are my favorites or particularly relevant to the high-income professional or business owner niche.

If you have other favorites, please put them in the comments section of my physician finance blogroll post with a brief description of why you like them.