This page houses articles about career development and balance.

New Attending Choices With Big Financial Impacts

new attending finance

As residents emerge from their chrysalis as a new attending, their wings are still wrinkly.

How you stretch and use them in the beginning can have major impacts down the road.

Learn about the big six stretches to prepare for your flight.

New Attending Personal Finance Checklist

physician insurance

When you first take flight as a new attending, there are some major storm systems to navigate.

You are already working on the first one by reading this blog.

Learn about the others so that you can navigate rather than be blown off course by the prevailing winds.

Business Planning To Start & Build Your Medical Practice

starting practice

Most graduating physicians and other professionals have not run a business before.

Learn the basic considerations to get your practice started on the right foot.

For Career Fulfillment – Find Symbiosis

resident call restrictions

I share the first part of my medical career origin story.

We learn all about physiology, disease, and treatment as we move through medical school and residency.

Just as importantly, we need to develop our relationship with work and career. There are lots of people giving advice on how you should work. You must find your own symbiosis. Finding mine has had more to do with my career success than any financial tidbit.

Build A Profitable & Fulfilling Practice

career success

A career in medicine is full of opportunity. Sometimes, doctors may not feel that way because they have a specific practice in mind. Often based on an existing one.

Great companies and medical careers develop and thrive by finding and filling a need. This is part 2 of my origin story and how this principle has lead to a fulfilling and profitable practice.

Spending Time On Yourself: Kick Work-Life Imbalance’s Ass

work-life balance

It is very difficult to find time for everything at work and home that demands your attention.

We have many accountabilities and our self-care is usually what gives. Find external accountability for your self-care. Even better, find synergy in doing so.

Career & Financial Wisdom From Dr. Latestart

Dr. Latestart got into a medicine as a later career.

He learned some great lessons and shares his wisdom and perspective on career, life, and the keys to success as a physician. It is all about pace.

Financial Health To Balance Your Career & Help Prevent Burn-Out

prevent work burn-out

A healthy career and life has balance. Physician burn-out is mulit-factorial. However, good financial health is a powerful tool for physicians to combat it.

Use your financial knowledge and strength to control and improve how your practice.

A strong financial position empowers you to expand your influence at work, home, and in your community.

Don’t Follow The Doctor Script: Play Your Banjo

life happiness

Physicians and other professionals are steeped in their professional and personal cultures. These pressure us to follow multiple scripts.

Break free from the scripts that will make your professional career suck instead of awesome. Stick it to “The Man” and have a rockin’ career and life. Don’t know who “The Man” is? Look up. That is his thumb holdin’ you down.