Beyond MD Podcast Part 2: Paying Yourself Now & In Retirement

This was a continuation of the conversation between Dr. Yatin Chadha and on Beyond MD Podcast. Last week we discussed the nitty-gritty of corporate tax optimization in Part One. In the sequel, we pull that together with some strategies to pay ourselves efficiently. We also hit up paying ourselves later. I talk a bit about how I am invested, my thoughts on pension plans, and decumulation strategies for retirement. Plus, how I have applied what I have learned blogging to my own financial life and in teaching my kids. Click the image below to link to the episode.

– Summary of sources of corporate tax drag (1:44)

– How does Mark invest his own money? (3:55)

– Optimal salary & dividend mix (6:39)

– Mark’s view on individual pension plans/IPPs (8:42)

– What’s moved the needle most for Mark? (11:29)

– Decumulation overview (13:19)

– Lessons for the kids (17:10)

– Closing thoughts (19:29)

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