The Money Scope Ep 1: Designing “The Good Life”

Before you can make any financial plan, you must know why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve. Reflecting and concretely defining that seems a daunting task. Fortunately, there are models and strategies that we can use. Aligned with your psychology and biology.

Join us to learn more about designing “The Good Life” using positive psychology, PERMA-V model, adaptation, and affective forecasting. The flip side of that is regret. Learn about common regrets that people have and how we can lean into regret. To guide our own lives and use personal finance as a tool to help us along the way.

“There is not a single good life. We can’t make that prescription. All we can do is learn about what tends to contribute to good lives.”


“The thing that I think that’s important though is to know that this biology of happiness, there’s wiring that’s there, but it doesn’t mean that we’re powerless to influence our wellbeing.” —


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