The Money Scope Ep 2: Avoiding Good Life Traps

In the preceding episode, we discussed how to consider what “The Good Life” could look like for you. It will be different for everyone, but we reviewed the literature on what people tend to find happiness and satisfaction from.

In this episode, we’ll unpack some of the common money traps that we get ourselves into. How we are wired to take the bait. And some of the clues from the academic literature that we can use to recognize and avoid the traps. Or work on extracting ourselves.

We finish with some personal questions to ponder. Hopefully, reflecting and acting on them will help you to stay the course. Or make deliberate adjustments to your life course without ending up in the ditch. Hopefully, you’ll take the bait and join us presently for the podcast.

“Pursuing money for the sake of money is probably going to be detrimental to living a good life.”


“You don’t notice the speed of the hedonic treadmill going up, but you notice when you’ve got a



  1. “We don’t want to steal the joy of them earning their own way. They disagree with that” That’s hilarious!

    I tell my wife that more designer bags don’t bring more happiness and she disagrees with that 🙁

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