The Money Scope Ep 5 Cases: Debt Dilemmas

This is our first case conference supplemental episode. We’ve built a couple of cases with numbers to illustrate what we discussed in our main episode about debt, saving, and investing. 

These are based on some common dilemmas that we encounter or questions that people ask us. 

The idea is that you will consider how the situations apply to you. It is not specific advice, but hopefully you can relate to aspects of them and use that in your own thinking or with your advisor. 

Case 1: Recent Graduate with Lots of Debt, Delayed Gratification, & No Investments or Savings

Case 2: Incorporated Physician with Bothersome Personal Debt

“To reiterate on learning, just getting money invested is valuable beyond the economics of
doing so.”


“They can see some progress [and that is] starting to make them feel a little better. That
psychology is going to be really important to sticking with the plan.”


“Even if we can show mathematically what is optimal, that optimal solution is going to be
based on a ton of assumptions.”


“This is why we’re having all of these discussions here in this podcast series. Because even if you use a financial advisor, your perspective is what’s going to drive the optimal decision-
making, more so than the math a lot of the time.”


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