Finding Account History & Statements on QTrade

You will want to find and print out your transaction history as part of preparing the package that you give your accountant to file your taxes. Another reason to grab this information is if you plan to track your own adjusted cost basis as part of your long-term record keeping.

Downloading or Printing Account History

You can navigate to the account history page multiple ways. From your account summary page, you can select account history. Whatever route you use, it will land on a page like the one below. Select the date range and hit “Go” to refresh. Then the printer icon can be used to pull-up a printer-friendly page or the page icon to download the information as an Excel file. I like to use and save the Excel file, but I am a finance nerd.

Downloading or Printing Account Statements

Your accountant will likely want your monthly account statements for whatever tax period they are filing for, plus one month. You can easily navigate to get an electronic version. I usually save that in an investing folder to keep organized on my computer and print out a version for my accountant. Qtrade keeps them available online for seven years. So, if you may someday need records to the distant past then this could be important.

Downloading or Printing Trade Confirmations

If you want to be really fastidious about your paper trail, you can download trade confirmations. Qtrade keeps them available for two years. Some cases where you may want to have the trade confirmations are when you have an informal trust or are investing using a loan (and claiming the interest as an expense). Just in case you need to prove what was bought and when with the money.