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I have no illusions about being cool. That was twenty years ago. If even then. Right now, I’ll settle for “not totally embarrassing to be seen in public with”. Regardless, I made my first appearance on a podcast this past week. I think that is pretty cool.

It was on The Personal Finance Show produced by Beau Humphreys. What I think makes this extra cool is that he found me via a resident talking about my blog. His wife is also a physician-in-training. We are all interconnected.

I really hope to get as many professionals as possible talking about their finances and paying attention to their financial health. In this podcast, you can hear me talk about my relationship with money and medicine.

This post is not nearly as verbose or sprinkled with photoshopped pictures and flowcharts as usual because it is about a journey into a new medium – audio!

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  1. Congratulations on doing a podcast.

    I have now done 2 under my belt and it is a lot more nerve-wracking to do that writing a blog post.

    For me I can review, edit, and dress up my writing to make me look somewhat intelligible. On a podcast it has a more “on the fly” type feeling and sometimes I feel like I could have said a statement far better if I had to think about it first.

    A great podcast host is key to make you look good as he or she can keep the conversation going with poignant questions and monitoring the ebb and flow of the podcast.

    I certainly think being a podcaster is far more challenging than a blogger and give props to those who take the next step.

  2. So glad you were willing to come on the show and thanks for sharing on your blog! I really believe that sharing personal finance stories of all kinds is the key to improving financial literacy. You are very right that we just need to keep talking about finances. Hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hey Dr. MB!

      Glad you enjoyed it – it was fun to do. Many of those who know me personally or from work already know about my blog which is totally fine by me. I am pretty open and straight forward. It is more the random internet people I don’t know that I want to stay anonymous from.

  3. Nicely done LD! Your podcast interview sounded great!

    Now I understand why my son’s friends are all involved in cadets. Sounds like fun.


  4. LD,

    Really enjoyed listening to you and Beau on the podcast – it was like getting to sit in as a couple of smarter and funnier friends enjoyed a beer together.

    I was most struck by how extremely Canadian you sounded! I know, should be obvious, but that endearing “about” kept this easily impressed American spellbound. (I can assure you I got far more out of the podcast than the charming way in which you speak.)

    Hope this is the start of your media blitz,


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