The Money Scope Ep 3: Making “Good Life” Decisions

The route that our lives take is influenced by the decisions that we make along the way. Financially, those choices hinge on how we spend our time and money. That seems overwhelming when you are at the base of the climb. However, there are principles that we can use to guide those decisions.

In this episode, we discuss how to practically apply what we know about time, money, and “The Good Life” to our daily decision-making. Plus, strategies to use when making larger strategic decisions and balance those against competing priorities.

To simplify your strategies and make them routinely useful, you can make decision rules. That saves your mental and emotional energy to spend on the more important aspects of your journey. So, strap yourself in and join us for Episode 3 of The Money Scope.

“We’re all limited in time. So if we tried to do all of those things separately, there’s just no way
we could ever fit that in without — [becoming] time poor again, which is kind of
counterproductive. So one of the approaches is to bundle the good stuff [together].”


“As professionals in particular, I think we have the ability to move our careers in directions that
get us into frequent flow states.”


“Take the time to figure out what your values are. That is something you have to take the time to
do. It’s not something that’s going to just happen. You have to actually think about it.”


“People who engage in prosocial behaviours seem to experience greater meaning in their lives,
higher personal worth, and higher self-esteem.”


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