Physician Empowerment Conference 2023

Physician Empowerment Live in Toronto May 6th & 7th

One of the planks of The Loonie Doctor mission is to collaborate with others who share my passion for empowering Canadian professionals to take charge of their financial lives and inspire them to use that power.

There are many approaches to doing that and investing is only one part. Earning, spending, and giving are essential financial skills. Our mindset and relationship with money underpins them.

Physician Empowerment, led by Drs. Kevin Mailo and Wing Lim has a very similar approach to those key concepts. They will be having their annual Physician Empowerment Live Conference in Toronto May 6th & 7th.

My approach to investing is focused on a simple, liquid, transparent, & effective approach using publicly traded ETF investing. My attempts at optimization are focused on using different strategies with our accounts and tax planning. However, that is not the only way.

The emphasis for this year’s Physician Empowerment conference will be on real estate investing and private equity. Those products take a different approach with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. So, if you are interested in learning more about these other investing options, then the Physician Empowerment Live Conference brings some physicians and industry experts together to discuss them.

I was able to attend last year to speak about building an effective time and tax-efficient portfolio. Meeting colleagues from across the country who were there to learn, share their different perspectives, and enjoy some lively debate was great. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year due to a family commitment. However, I felt it was still important to share this opportunity with others. I am not involved with the organization. I received a speaker stipend last year, and otherwise have no financial conflicts of interest.

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